Gezocht: Stagairs Marketing en Studio-Assistentie 30/03/2017

Wil jij stage lopen bij een succesvolle muziek studio gevestigd in Utrecht? Soundgram Post, een postproductiebedrijf gespecialiseerd in audio en muziek, is op zoek naar 2 stagiairs! Marketing Soundgram Post is per direct op zoek naar een stagair(e) die Soundgram kan ondersteunen met marketingwerkzaamheden. Als marketingstagiair(e) hou je je onder andere bezig met de volgende werkzaamheden: –           Uitvoeren en bewerken marketing-/bedrijfsplan –           Bijhouden en ontwikkelen websites, social media e.d. –           Ondersteuning bij bedrijfsactiviteiten –           Bellen en mailen met klanten en/of…

Soundgram’s Happy New Year update 04/02/2017

What if I told you this is gona be a great year?! These next months we will work on two feature films, we are working on songs for various artist and we just launched our very own Media Music Library! Release ‘Poedersuikerplein’ The song ‘Poedersuikerplein,’ written by Johan van der Voet and Leonie van der Klein, was picked up by Dutch singer Paul de Leeuw. It is featured on his new album ‘Land Van Mij,’ which was released at October 31st….

Succes for Dutch Songwriter Leonie van der Klein 22/12/2015

Songwriter Leonie van der Klein has been working hard together with songwriter/producer Johan van der Voet to record demo’s of their new Dutch songs. (please click this news item to listen to the demo reel)   From the songs written these past few months, one is already recorded and released by Andre Hazes Jr. and currently at no. 2 position in the Dutch radio charts. Several songs are now being pitched to artist. Here is compilation for you to enjoy….

Film Music Showreel 2015 by Soundgram Post 18/12/2015

This is a showreel with music by composer Johan van der Voet showing some of the film projects. The video shows titles and directors, so we hope you enjoy. If you need more information, please visit our website and use the “load more” button on the bottom of our portfolio page!

New CD release: Kristen – original motion picture score 21/09/2015

We are proud to announce the release of the score album for the motion picture Kristen that has it’s premiere on 28 september 2015 at the Dutch Film Festival. Soundgram records just released the album composed by Johan van der Voet. The album features 22 tracks of score and also features the song “You need me” that was written for the film. You can download the album here or stream it on spotify!  

New CD Release: Crime Scene Investigation Music by John Sommerfield 29/06/2015

Don’t you love all those police drama’s and crime series on TV? We do, and as a fan and composer John Sommerfield came up with the idea to produce tracks that could be used in crime series as “Crime Scene Investigation” and ” Dexter”. With this in mind he started producing last year and now Soundgram records is about to release the album “Crime Scene Investigation Music” by John Sommerfield. The album features 20 tracks full of exciting and gritty…

Post Production for “bulb” 29/06/2015

We are happy to tell you we were chosen to do sounddesign and post-production for a short animated movie called “Bulb”. We are doing this in order of Radicle, An animation studio based in HongKong! We are very glad that we have the opportunity to work on this project! Check our newsletter for more info!

Covering Let’s Get Physical 08/06/2015

Last may singer Annemiek Klaassen came to our studio to record lead vocals for an alternative version of Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical”, a request from the dutch bank ABN-AMRO! The lyrics were changed in a way that the song will fit a new project from ABN-AMRO banking…

Soundgram to score feature film “KRISTEN” 13/02/2015

A few months ago Soundgram Post composer Johan van der Voet was chosen to score the new Dutch Feature film “KRISTEN” directed by Mark Weistra. The film features lead actress Terence Schreurs in one of here most demanding roles so far. Post production is well under way and rumors to have it’s premiere in two months time in Amsterdam. On the picture we see Johan scoring one of the Cue’s for this dramatic film.  

New production for Provincie Utrecht 03/02/2015

Today we finished the music and final audio mix for a short film with helicopter shots made by Auvimedia for the province of Utrecht. Here is the music we composed and recorded. The Cello by Tina Guo, Guitars by Johan van der Voet. Enjoy.

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