Music composition

Soundgram Post is best known for the music we write for all types of mediaproductions. We combine live recorded instruments with the best sample libraries on the market today and if budget allows, we produce a full orchestral filmscore.


It goes without saying that we record anything. Music and sound, voices, cars, you name it, we record it. We work with hi definition audio and can handle any format you wish. Our platforms are Logic Pro or Protools. A complete list of equipment can be found under the menu "Studio".

ADR & Voice Over

We have made many ADR (automatic dialog replacement) and voice-over recordings in our studio. Depending on the production we can arrange voices or bring who you want for the job. We make sure the result sounds like it should.


With sound design we create sounds that are not covered by foley recordings. An airplane flyby, automatic guns, explosions or alliens. You name it we make it. Designing a sound pallet for worlds that don't exist like in MMOG games.
"Beam me up Scotty! " would Kirk say. We say:" Call us! "


Foley is the art of re-making sounds that people normally produce. We do footsteps, bodymotions and props. Slamming a door, fireing a gun, unzipping or the latest karate kick. It all needs sound to go with your picture. We love it.

Mixing & Mastering (Stereo or 5.1)

Recordings have to be mixed. We know how to make it all sound good together. We mix and master for stereo (2.0) and surround sound (5.1) CD and DVD productions and deliver 320 kbps mp3 or any format you need. we use EQ, compression and limiting analog and/or digital. Check our gear on the studio page.

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